Friday, December 13, 2019

Puppy Love

I’m embarrassed. No really. Falloonians don’t suffer embarrassment, not even on one of their faces. But today, Big Dope caught me shaped like the young teenager Arnold Awesome. My face turned bright red when he saw what I as doing.

“What the …?”

“Nothing. I’m doing nothing."

“What are you writing? Let’s see.”

It was nothing but he had me. After all, it was his laptop.

“Why this is a fan letter. The kind I used to write to Annette Funicello."

He had me there. “Who is she?”

“Never mind. Say, … this is gushy. Come on, who is it to?”

“Nobody. I’m just practicing.”

But then he saw it. “Greta? Greta Thunberg?”

“Don’t tell anyone.”

I’ll get back to you friends. I have to do some yard work.

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