Friday, December 27, 2019


Being in the same room with Big Dope while he works on his computer is more fun than a Falloonian game of Grubendimbihgdewhasit.

Don't ask.

I curled up shaped as Timmie Joe the 14-year old nerd and worked some kindergarten puzzles based on matrix algebra. They were simple so I could watch BD and do them at the same time. He was trying to program a new Christmas present onto his laptop computer.

To say it was sorta funny would be like calling your president sorta odd.

He claims that software applications used to come with instructions. I guess I believe him.

"Nothing but these %$^**&^! cartoon sketches." I just listened. "How am I supposed to know what they mean?"

He punched some more.


He had me on that one so I waited.

"Numbah &^%$*#@ ten."

I think that was Vietnamese for something bad.

"Du bist und Arschloch!"

Uh, my GUT tells me that is German.

"Ewwscray ooyay"

Can't force my GUT to respond to that one. I'm sending off for an update.


Most of you probably understand that one.

"Fils de pute."

"Vive la france,"  I say.

Finally, sweat pouring from his face, he turned to me. "One favor I ask."

"And that is what?"

"My obituary."

"What about it"

"To read as follows."

"Yes," I turned the puzzle page over and prepared to write.

"Died from multi-lingual exasperation brought on by an over-exposure to learning curves."

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