Saturday, January 11, 2020


I heard this conversation among two of your species while walking in the park yesterday. I think it may have something to do with why the young of your species don’t trust what they call “The Boomers.”

“Overpopulation is destroying the world.”
“Oh? That's bad.”
“No, people are having fewer kids.”
“Oh? That's good.”
“No, there won't be enough voters for our party.”
“Oh? That's bad.”
“No, there won't be enough for the other party, either.”
“Oh? That's good.”
“No, neither side can win elections.”
“Oh? But won't it force compromise?”
“Are you stupid or something?”

Friday, January 10, 2020


Sometimes I have a hard time explaining things to my Falloonian elders. Perhaps the most difficult is why American homo sapiens would worship a figure like the one Big Dope calls “The Galilean,” but then vote for this Donald Trump to be president of an important country.

I’ve quit trying on that one.

There’s another. It involves American homo sapiens as well. Notice I said, American homo sapiens. I may need to ask your help, dear readers.

It involves this group of what I can only use the American term “deadbeats” to describe. They are known as the “British Royal Family.”

They don’t work.

They don't earn.

They don’t govern.

They don’t, apparently, think before they act.

Well, that last problem may not be confined to British gentry.

Anyway, now one couple among them claims they are going to “step back” from British royalty.

“Say what?” Oh, excuse me, I sometimes slip into American idioms. Don’t know why I did just then.

Anyway. What do they mean by “step back”?

The husband is not going to give up his taxpayer-funded allowance.

He’s not going to get a job.

He’s not going to change his name.

He’s not going to put them into a witness-protection type program.

Sounds like all they intend to do is move somewhere away from parental guidance.

I might can see why the British put up with the antics. It’s an old habit on their part. Of course they are free, as I understand it, to chop off a few heads if things get out of hand.

I can even see why some American homo sapiens find it a bit interesting. It sorta reminds one of cute kitten posts on social media.

What I can’t understand is the obsessive news coverage of their goings and comings, this and the other siblings in this family.

I'm talking about day-to-day coverage, sometimes minute-to-minute coverage.

 In American newspapers.

Aren’t there any cute kitten stories to write about?