Saturday, September 19, 2015

Laughing Stock

Dear Friends and Followers:
I’ve enphased back in time to when Big Dope was young and performed some research. It seems like when there was a “fallen girl” in his class: her parents shut her away and pleaded with her for redemption, true friends prayed for her, her teachers shamed her, the other girls avoided her, the boys lined up for a (very secret) date, and the father(s) of any unforeseen results ran for cover.

Nowadays, your species will air her statements in the national media like she was Moses come down from the mountain.  The fact that she seems to have no education, knowledge, analytical skills, or moral foundation seems not to matter.
Now it even seems she is allowed to comment on the fate of a young genius who is a role model for all young students, a young man whose book satchel she shouldn't even be allowed to carry. As Big Dope would say, "Ya'll got some 'splaining to do."

Do you realize that this sort of thing is making your species the laughing stock of the galaxy?

Your Pal C.W.
(Don't tell Big Dope I posted this.)

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