Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Special

This morning C.W. walked in, having assumed one of his more somber shapes, that of "Perry C. the Ph.D," a thoughtful man in a tweet jacket and smart bow tie. He wanted to question me about a man I had introduced him to, a person to whom I had been close my entire life.

“I’m still curious,” he said. “Are you telling me the truth—that he is retired on a comfortable company retirement?”


“He was a Union man?”

“A Union Steward.”

“So his retirement grew from Union membership?”


“And he enjoys the benefits of what you call ‘Medicare’ in his retirement?”


“And you tell me that he is a closeted gay man?”


“How closeted?”

“Not entirely.”
"And he professes to be very religious?"
"So he would consider homosexuality a 'thorn in his side' and a sin?"

“You’re saying he didn’t ‘cure’ himself through his religion?”

“Yes. I’m telling you that, and believe me when I tell you.”

“Then tell me something else,” he said.


“You say that he votes conservative now, not progressive?”


“And he refers to the President of your United States as that ‘Ni …”

“Yes,” I said, interrupting him.

“Tell me,” he said. “Does it have anything to do with the 52-inch television that he sits in front of all day?”


“The one that is turned to that Fox, so-called, ‘News’ channel each time we visit?”


He sat and thought for a long time. “Then tell me,” he said, “are there many like him?”

“The country is full of them.”

“I may need to go home soon,” he said.

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