Monday, November 25, 2019


They say I got caught but they are all lying. Big Dope and some his friends came in unexpectedly yesterday and claim they saw me shapeshifting in front of the rescue puppy they are fostering. They claim I was scaring her, torturing her with shapes of creatures that terrify dogs—prehistoric birds of prey, saber-tooth tigers, velociraptors, and such.

False accusations, all of them. I was just trying to get the precious thing used to other puppies. I am the nicest, kindest, sweetest figure in the history of the Universe to other species. I have never bothered a soul here on Earth or in any galaxy. Besides, if I did, it wasn't such a bad thing.

Big Dope thought so, though. He banished me from all travels and took away my computer. Well, his computer.

Fortunately, I had insurance. I happened to know that Mrs. Big Dope slipped another antique sewing machine into the house last week. That makes 42, and they have run out of spaces to keep them. That's why there was this moratorium on further purchases.

So I explained the situation to her.

Aren't pardons wonderful?

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