Thursday, November 28, 2019

Confused Thankfulness

Left Head did it. Now Mrs Big Dope is punishing all three of us. We were supposed to make a fruit sculpture to show how much we are thankful for today. I made a heart out of  an apple to show how thankful I am our health. Right head made a depiction of the world on half a melon and carved "Peace with Honor" on it. Left Head left his laying on the table and Mrs. Big Dope saw it. I'm not sure why she is so mad, but she is. We have to write 1,000 times that we are "thankful for decency." Left Head keeps saying his work stood for "Orangeyou thankful for love?" I don't know. Big Dope says I  shouldn't show you what he did with the fruit because this is a family spot. I'm confused.

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