Saturday, December 14, 2013


Oh dear friends, another troubling news release (clickhere). I hate to read these but the Falloonian Elders are making me write up a report about a tendency within your species for life to imitate art. I used an episode of a TV series that is a favorite of Mrs. Big Dope, called “Star to Trek.” It was a comedy series about space travel.

The show had a weird collection of characters and a hilarious portrayal of intergalactic travel. It always causes a break without complete separation of parts me up, as you say. (Editor’s note: he means “cracks me up. Don’t ask).

Big Dope always says that marriage is a risky
 proposition. I see what he means. - C.W.
Anyway, in one show, two planets are being forced to wage war by unseen forces that control events from afar but don’t actually take place in the brutalities. Turns out the “forces” are two youngsters on a faraway planet playing a game.

By the way, can any of you verify a rumor that a new video game called “Wedding Party” is now in production?

Must go, the Elders now want me to compare and contrast a film called “Network” with another comedy show favored by your species, “Fox News.”
Your Friend,
The Alien C.W.

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