Friday, February 24, 2017

Morning thoughts: Insanity

C.W. and I were talking …

“I read somewhere,” he said, “that this person you’ve elected president plans to increase the number of your country’s nuclear warheads. Want to explain?

“First,” I said, “I didn’t elect him. Second, I’m not sure it’s my country anymore. It certainly doesn’t resemble it. Third, I haven’t a clue.”

“Doesn’t he know those things are dangerous, those warheads?”

“I would think so. But maybe not.”

He thought for a moment. “Do I need to go talk to him?”

“You’re a Falloonian,” I said. “I think he listens to aliens from another galaxy.”

“Ramadongia, probably, the scourge of the Universe," he said. He resumed the conversation. Do you know how many of those things going off it would take destroy the planet?”

“You’re the scientist,” I said. “You tell me.”

“A half-dozen or so,” he said. “Tops. And I read where you already have over 4,000.”

“It’s insanity,” I said. “I understand that.”

“My point exactly,” he said. “I think he’s playing a game we call, on Falloonia, Bloalleupkrsauf.”

“Say what?”

“Rough translation: ‘the crazy leader ploy’”

“The what?”

“Crazy leader. We’ve seen it employed a few times across the galaxy. The leader of one group keeps the leaders of other groups cowed and subservient because they truly believe he is insane enough to pull a stunt that would destroy them all … himself too.”

I thought about this. “Does it work?”

“On occasion.”

“What kind of occasion?”

“The occasion in which all other leaders are sane.”

“I beg your pardon?”

It fails any time there is another leader that is as insane as he is.”

He could have gone all day without saying that.

Better teach your children
how to "duck and cover." - C.W.

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