Sunday, February 12, 2017

360. Bad People

Oh my, it was that kid from perhaps the most famous Twilight Zone episode ever filmed: It’s a Good Life. There was something different about him, but I couldn’t quite place it.

Was it C.W.? Or, had I really entered The Zone? I’ll report. You decide.

He pointed at me. “Are you happy?”

“Uh, yeah, I suppose.”

He smiled. “I like it when you’re happy.”


“Are you happy we have a business man as president?”

“Not sure about that.”

He glowered. “I don’t like it when you’re not happy.”

“A person can’t be pleased about everything,” I said. “Most people with grand kids aren’t too pleased either. In fact, most are floating somewhere between despondency and terror.”

“I don’t like you.”

“What can I say?”

“You’re very bad man.” He pointed at me.

“Now wait,” I said. Then it dawned on me, the difference, that is. "What happened to your hair?"
My favorite saying among the Earthlings?
The one about life imitating art. - C.W.
He ignored me and his eyes narrowed. “I’m going to wish you away to the cornfield. You're a bad man. You’re a very bad man.”

As he pointed, a chill ran down my spine. This wasn’t happening, was it? Then a female voice came from the next room.

“All right. Which one of you has been messing with my food dyes?”

The kid turned toward the voice and pointed. “She's a bad woman. She’s a very bad woman,” he said.

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