Wednesday, May 13, 2015


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When Big Dope and Mrs. Big Dope are at their farm with her dogs: Suzi, Betty, Judi, and Calvin, they enjoy a quiet time sitting in the shade having a gin and tonic or rum and tonic, watching the sun set, and giving the dogs treats. I sometimes make myself invisible and listen. You won't believe what I hear. For example, here is a snippet of conversion from last evening.

Where’d that cracking noise come from, your cousin’s house?
No, over at Chris’s place.
Yes Chris, who lives past the corner.
The one who is married to Catherine?
No, that’s Colt.
I thought it was Collier.
No, he’s married to Carol.
No, Carol’s married to Carlton.
You’re crazy. Here, Calvin wants a cookie.
Canines who like cookies? Crazy if you ask me.
Don't be crude.

You earthlings provide interesting and enjoyable occupation to (editor's note: He means "amuse"). me sometimes, and that is correct.

Sometimes I think the voices they hear
don't come from one another. - C.W.

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