Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dear Friends and Followers:
Found this on Big Dope's computer. He seems despondent.

Thoughts at the end of the week:

- For the first time I can recall, crazy politicians are being voted out of office not because they are crazy, but because they are not crazy enough.

- In a state ravaged by meth addiction, poverty, low education levels, and bottom tier rankings in every socioeconomic category, an Attorney General candidate in Arkansas vows that her first act, if elected, will be to sue the federal government to end a program duly passed by the American government and upheld by the United States Supreme Court, obviously believing one of the poorest states in the country could afford such nonsense.

- National icon John McCain appears to have “gone MacArthur” on us. His new “Delta Name” may be Sluggo. So sad.

- A couple visited a renegade rancher who was turned into a national hero by Sean Hannity and Fox “News” for threatening federal agents with bloodshed. The couple later murdered two police officers and another innocent person in cold blood before killing themselves. Hannity is still alive and unrepentant.

- Operation Iraqi Freedom continues to prove itself to be one of the greatest policy blunders in U.S. history

- Ollie “Hey Ronnie I know how we can make some money to promote wars in South America” North has once again exhibited a total inability to feel shame by weighing in on foreign policy.

- And the only person anyone seems angry at is an American soldier who was tortured and held captive by enemy forces for five years.
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