Thursday, January 23, 2014


Dear Friends and Followers:

Today I find myself confused over your criminal justice system again. On Falloonia, in those rare instances in which we must incarcerate non-conforming units, it is usually for some awful lapse that threatens stability of the species such goobukasezet. (Editor’s  note: a Falloonian phrase not quite translatable but being a combination of a failure to use the logic module and a waste of public expenditures).

Anyway, I am sorely confused about your incarceration of people for what I call G and G, that is to say: giggling and gorging.

Yes, I am talking about the affinity of some of your species to smoke a plant called cannabis sativa, pot, grass, cần sa, etc.

Its greatest effect seems to be that it causes continuous giggling and a wild propensity to eat any food in sight.

Now I ask you, isn't this the kind of person
who might benefit from a few puffs? - C.W.
The Falloonian Elders have directed me to ask: wouldn’t it be a more rational approach simply to provide the plant free to dour, underweight units?

Your Pal,

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