Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Blame Game

Dear friends and Followers:

Has anyone but me noticed the new conservative way of explaining things? For example

- A racist rant by a college fraternity is blamed on Hip Hop.

- An Arkansas legislator who gave his adopted daughter to a sex offender without telling anyone blames the state agency in charge of adoptions.

- A group of U.S. senators, 47 in all, commit an act of treason and, get this, they don’t say the “Devil” made them do it. No it was President Obama.

I suspect this is a new approach fed to these folks in their daily briefing memos. If it works then is this the way Tea Party conservatives would work history?

- Charles Manson could blame Sharon Tate for getting pregnant before he decided she needed to die.

- Lee Harvey Oswald could blame President Kennedy for getting in his way when Oswald was carrying a rifle and having a bad hair day.

- Timothy McVeigh could blame the feds for building a building beside his van full of explosives.

- Ted Bundy could have blamed the press for offering him fame.

- Charles Whitman could blame the University of Texas for building that tower.

- Adolph Hitler could blame the Jews. Oh wait. He did. Never mind. Say … you don’t suppose that is where they got the idea, do you?

- Your Forever Pal,



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