Thursday, January 26, 2017

Morning Thoughts…

C.W. and I were talking this morning …

Something my conservative friends and I agree on is that regulatory agencies, on occasion, can run amok. An example is forcing a state to write regulations protecting a fish that can’t thrive in that state. Another is enacting a reg punishable for noncompliance warning one not to stand on top of a stepladder. When your job is to write regulations, you tend to … well … write regulations, sometimes whether you need to or not.

We agree with that. Now, how about what we should do about it?

It reminds me of when I was young and tended to “get of control.” Anyone would agree that someone needed to take corrective measures.  Here’s where we differ, though, my friends and I. Sainted Mother didn’t put me in a bag and throw me in the stock pond. No, she first consulted other experts in the field of child rearing: her sisters, her own mother, and my father. They explored alternative treatments and solutions, then decided, unilaterally, all viewpoints having been considered, on the appropriate choice.

Thereupon, she very quietly sat me down and urged me to get myself into a more rational mode. I can still recall the smell of that persimmon switch an inch from my nose. Remedial reorientation proved preferable to annihilation.  I emerged intact but more socially acceptable, not the perfect lad but one who could be taken out in public.

Now, before we start abolishing regulatory agencies, consider just one of the challenges with which scientists are now wrestling. This is the increase in outdated prescription drugs flushed down the toilets of America daily. It is a relatively new phenomenon. We’re not sure what this will produce or how to deal with it, but the only thing that stands between us and possible disaster is the EPA. Isn't it time for calm and reflective thinking?

C.W. and I certainly think so.

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